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Inside this Manfunnel METHOD, you’ll have access to the following modules...
  • Date Yourself First:  We’ll do a deep dive on how to get to a man’s heart, and how to create an irresistible profile so you can attract the perfect man for you. ($599 Value)
  • Unlock Your Thinking, Unlock Your Heart: In here, I’ll help you finally get rid of the fears and resistance that subconsciously haunt you and drive your life in love-blocking patterns. Let's break free and RISE. ($399 Value)
  • ​​Secrets and Science:  Now it’s time for the treasures you'll find ONLY here. You’ll see how to prevent false starts in early relationships and avoid the biggest pitfalls when it comes to dating and relating to men. ($999 Value)
  • Be Love to be Loved: The first step to inspire love from a man is to radiate love yourself. Once you do this love starts coming to you on autopilot. ($499 Value)
  • The Trigger Him For Love Method:  How a couple of phrases spoken daily will make your man want to be with you forever. Ignore this and you won’t create the deep connection you desire. ($999 Value)
  • The Power Of Energy: I’ll show you the subtle cues women give out unconsciously that repel men, and how to change them so you start attracting them easily. ($999)
  • ​​MAN-Mastery: Here, you’ll discover how to actually love them, live with them, and how to avoid the toxic ones. If you’d like to have a masculine man in your life, you’re going to love this module. ($599)
  • The New You: I’ll show you how to put everything together from the Man-Funnel Method, so you can attract the man of your dreams. ($399)
Total Value: $5,500!
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How The Manfunnel Method helped me and hundreds of other women keep the one, and finally have the happy relationship I longed for
Now is the time to put away the ghosts from the past of your dating life. No more chasing down the wrong men, no more seeing them run away all of a sudden. When you have the right tools at your disposal, you’ll know how to keep any man you desire...easily.

I created the Manfunnel method because I couldn’t keep a man no matter how much I wanted to.

After loads of personal development & trial and error, I tried somethiing which finally worked! I suddenly had many high caliber men who wanted a relationship with me. I learned what I needed to shift to grow love and sustain in forevermore. What's now called The Manfunnel Method led me to meet the most amazing man I could’ve imagined and he asked me to marry him within six months! I knew exactly how to ask for what I wanted and get it.

You won’t have to settle for guys you know aren’t enough for you. It’s time to stop wondering if Mr. Right exists (he does). Instead, you’re about to discover what you need to do in order to keep him once you find him.

No more sitting and praying, hoping that this time, he’ll stay. No more stressing over being pretty enough for him, or having him cheat on you while he swears he’d never do that.
I’ll show you how to eliminate the insecurities your past dating life has caused you.

It’s not your fault you’ve met so many bad men. Or even that the good ones have suddenly become emotionally distant.

Once you’re done with the Manfunnel Method course you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to go for the calibere of man you want, and be able to keep him to be with you forever.

The Manfunnel Method is the best way I know of to get to a man’s heart so you’re the only woman he thinks about.

It’ll also show you how to make men feel safe around you, so they can open their hearts and drop the usual B.S. they bring to the table where they seem to be emotionally unattached.
Because the truth is, finding a good man and keeping him might feel like it’s impossible right now.

If the dating game feels like a love/hate relationship where you have to choose between dating guys you don’t really like, and feeling alone trying to convince yourself you don’t need a man in your life…

...I’ll help you end it with the Manfunnel Method.
"Before meeting Megan I dated a lot over the past 8 years, but relationships rarely ever went past the second or third date. I was skeptical that Megan could help me… Maybe it wasn’t me, I just wasn’t meeting the right person? However, Megan opened up my eyes to my dating errors so I could finally have my pick of the litter! She continues to offer support and guidance throughout the relationship process. I’ve never been happier in my current relationship- and am finally being treated with respect and admiration. Megan’s coaching is truly life changing! Now I am married to the love of my life!"
- Melissa, New York, NY

"She helped me meet, date and marry my amazing husband, somebody that I may have thought was ‘out of my league’ but helped me not only see my own value but capitalize on it. My husband is truly everything I could ever ask for and she continues to help me grow in my relationship by teaching and reminding me how to stay connected with my husband while getting the most out of our relationship. I strongly recommend anyone that is looking for love (and can’t understand why they don’t have it), or is struggling in a relationship– or just wants to smooth out the kinks of a happy and functioning relationship to work with Megan.”
- Laura, New York, NY

“Megan’s advice has helped me to look inward and see all of the good I have to offer. In doing that I was finally able to understand my own worth which ultimately set me up to receive all of the best things in life. The most perfect husband for me being one of those things. Don’t hesitate on saying yes to getting a little support. It could be the very thing that makes the difference for you.” 
- Jeannette, Winter Park, Fl

I First Used This Method Myself, Because I Was Sick And Tired Of The Dating Game, And Wanted To Find The Love of My Life.
When I was turning 35, I vowed to myself that I would be married within a year, and I wasn’t going to settle for a man that wasn’t PERFECT for me. I dated in a VERY specific way and I met and married my dream guy that year. The process I developed became my signature “Manufunnel Method”, which I now use to help women to help them find and marry the man they’ve always wanted.
If You Want To Stop Messing Around With Dating The Wrong Men Who Can’t Bring Real Value To Your Life, It's Time To Discover The Manunnel Method of Datng
The Manfunnel Method is ideal for you if you...
    • ​​Believe most men suck, and that the search for a good one is like finding a needle in a haystack.
    • ​Have felt over and over again that love is something that’s not meant for you. Sure, you’ve seen how some of your girlfriends have found the love of their life. But it’s not what you get. Not in this lifetime.
    • ​​Feel you’ve wasted untold amounts of time on dating sites, only to end up with your hands (and heart) empty.
    • Have invested your precious money on other “dating trainings” that leave you without the actionable steps to get results.
    • ​You keep bumping into men who aren’t really serious in having a relationship with you. Men who show up as prince charming and the beginning, and then leave after they sleep with you.
    • ​You wonder if it’s you that’s the problem. If you weren’t broken inside, maybe a good man would desire you.
    • ​Want help from someone who really cares about the kind of life you want to have, not just another “course-seller” disguised as a dating coach whose only goal in life is to grab your money.
    • ​Are ready to get out of the shallow stuff, and change from the inside (without losing your essence) so you can attract your perfect man?
    • ​The last real relationship you had was years ago (and you still feel awful when you think about it).
    If this sounds like you…
    Get ready to find the love of your life this year, by enrolling in the Manfunnel Method Digital Course.

    Get ready to find the love of your life this year, by enrolling in the Manfunnel Method Digital Course

      1. What exactly is The Manfunnel Method Course?
      The Manfunnel Method Course is a life altering program that shows you how to date and relate to men like the she-boss you are. It covers online & offline dating, how to get him to beg for your commitment, AND how to keep the love alive in your relationship until your golden years. Plus LOADS more. It's housed inside of our course platform called Thinkific. You will receive a login immediately after purchase. You can study and work the homework and lessons of the course on your own schedule and time.The special thing about this program is that it teaches you the WHOLE process: how to find your man, how to handle the initial moments in order to become the woman he chooses amongst the sea of other options, and how to instill his primal urges to make you the object of his desire for life.
      2. Why do I need it?
      Put simply, you can keep going at it alone and risk making the small mistakes you’re making now (without realizing it) that have BIG repercussions like a broken heart, wasted years, and missed opportunities with the men you actually wish would love you... You don't know what you don't know, so if you DO know that things could be better in your love life, we invite you to find out exactly how you can make it better. Quickly.
      3. Will it work for ME?
      Yes. Regardless of where you are at, whether you're starting out or more established at dating or in a new relationship, The Manfunnel Method Course will give you life altering new ways to understand men that you will thank your lucky stars you dared to try this new way of life.

      This program & process works for any woman that wants to find and maintain a loving, warm, and powerful love relationship with an emotionally healthy man. Regardless of if you’re ready to date or not, this program will pave the way for you to make this love happen. Yes, you can have the love you want.
      4. Do I need to be dating to take this program?
      No you do not have to be dating to take this program. In fact, it will be so much better to have this knowledge before you do. Don’t be surprised if after gaining all the new tools and getting clarity on your last relationships if you feel a newfound excitement for motivation and desire to love again within the first few days of this program...
      6. What will happen after the purchase?
      After your purchase, you will receive an email directly from our Thinkific course platform with your login to The Manfunnel Method Course and you can start the self study process and start learning today!

      Be sure to check your SPAM or promotional folder if you don't see the login. Email us at for any questions or concerns.
      7. What do I get when I join The Manfunnel Method Course?
      When you join The Manfunnel Method Course, you get the confidence that you are moving toward what you want for your life instead of making costly mistakes taking you further away from the love you want. You will get clarity. You will gain a deeper sense of awareness into yourself and how you've related to men in the past and how to build a strong, conscious relationship with a wonderful man in your future. You will learn to differentiate between toxic men and men who have your best interests in mind. You will ooze self love and confidence from tools and mindset shifts you didn't realize you needed so badly. If you're not where you want to be in love, these tools will gently guide you there with love. You will feel certain, happy, and guided on your path toward love.

      The results you’ll get from The Manfunnel Method Course are truly life altering and REAL. It works for celebrity level clients who consider themselves beautiful and it works for women who don’t feel worthy of any man’s attention, at first. 

      Nothing will get you more “ready” to get out there than learning these methods. They will work for you even if you don’t feel “ready” right now. But we need to get to the core of it. That’s the magic of the process that we will guide you through inside of The Manfunnel Method Course.

      See you in Love!

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